Speak Up and Protect AmeriCorps Project Conserve

You protect our mountains and rivers, now it's time to protect AmeriCorps Project Conserve!

Protect AmeriCorps Project Conserve


The Corporation for National & Community Service--the federal agency that supports the AmeriCorps service program--is at risk! It is one of 18 agencies that are recommended for elimination in the White House's budget proposal recently sent to Congress. The Corporation for National & Community Service makes up less than 0.025% of the federal budget.

CMLC started AmeriCorps Project Conserve in 2004 in response to growing conservation needs in WNC. Each year, AmeriCorps Project Conserve places more than three dozen dedicated members with local environmental nonprofits. Since its inception, 268 members have served 455,600 hours, increasing community understanding of conservation and the environment and creating sustainable improvements to at-risk ecosystems in our communities.

Young adults like Trudie Henninger depend on AmeriCorps to gain valuable experience out of college. The program sets them up for success moving forward with the skills they need to land a job pursuing their goals and dreams in the environmental field and beyond.

"My experiences with Project Conserve helped me gain a deeper understanding of the communities, wildlife and beauty of WNC. I was lucky enough to be able to continue as an Environmental Education Specialist at my host site after my AmeriCorps service. Today, I am still playing outside with children, catching crawdads, measuring salamanders, counting birds and weighing turtles. Project Conserve gave me the opportunity and experience necessary to land my dream job, working outdoors providing students with meaningful, hands-on activities that will aid scientific research, connect them with nature, and help promote the conservation of WNC plants and animals."  

-Trudie Henninger

2012-2013 AmeriCorps Project Conserve Citizen Science Education Specialist at The NC Arboretum

These members are absolutely vital to environmental organizations like CMLC and The NC Arboretum, providing on-the-ground support to nonprofits that simply do not have sufficient funds to hire several additional full-time staff.

It is an invaluable partnership which cannot be broken. We support each other. We grow together. Please take a moment to call your Congress members and let them know about the difference AmeriCorps is making in your community.

NC Senator Richard Burr (202) 224-3154

NC Senator Thom Tillis (202) 224-6342


NC Representative Mark Meadows (202) 225-6401

NC Representative Patrick McHenry (202) 225-2576


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