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Join CMLC at Foster Creek Bog/John Humphrey Farm in Mills River for a day of volunteering on Friday, November 6th.

The farm and bog located in Mills River are owned by John Humphrey, a long time CMLC supporter and volunteer. The property is CMLC's first conservation easement and is a convenient volunteer site for people living in Asheville and Hendersonville. This property is beautiful and holds more ecological treasures than could ever be noted. 

The work day will begin at 9:00AM and end at 2:00PM. We will be using the cut-stump method to treat non-native invasive plants such as larger climbing oriental bittersweet and barberry. Additionally, there will be some hand-pulling of smaller invasive plants surrounding the bog. This work will allow for the precious bog ecosystem to flourish and will remove some of the non-native invasive plants smothering the fragile ecosystem. The work will be entirely outdoors and will involve long periods of standing, bending, stooping, and handling larger sections of invasive plants, including some with thorns. 

That being said, we will have drinks and snacks, and it will be a great time doing awesome work with a fun group of people, including CMLC staff, AmeriCorps members, and other volunteers. Please come out and get things done at Foster Creek Bog on Friday, November 6th!

If you are interested or would like further information, please contact the Volunteer and Community Engagement Associate at, at 828-697-5777 ext. 211 or click the VolunteerSpot link below!

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Please be advised that Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy is partnering with the North Carolina Forest Service (NCFS) to conduct a controlled burn in Florence Nature Preserve. This burn will occur on a single day between November 2015 and late March 2016. The date will be determined based on weather conditions and will be announced 1-3 days in advance. The burn will directly affect the northern portion of Florence Nature Preserve (see map below) but the entire property, including all trails and Little Pisgah Road, will be closed on the day of the burn.
Benefits of Controlled Burns:
  • Reduce the accumulation of fuels and therefore the risk posed to people and property from an uncontrolled fire
  • Promote species diversity, ecosystem health, and help control invasive species
  • Create openings in the canopy stimulating growth of oak and other beneficial species 
Safety is the #1 Priority of Every Controlled Burn Managers consider the safety of people, property, and the resource they are managing. This burn has been carefully planned by CMLC & NCFS, and the NCFS has prepared a burn plan for smoke & fire control. Florence Nature Preserve trails will be used as firebreaks. NCFS & CMLC have prepared these trails to ensure that the fire does not leave the burn area. NCFS personnel will be on property until the fire is completely out.
For more information please contact Sarah Fraser at CMLC: 828-697-5777 ext. 209; or Lee Wicker at NCFS: 828-891-3957

On October 25th, CMLC staff, board members, AmeriCorps Project Conserve members, and community volunteers are joining together to tackle 3 special projects in Henderson County. After a fun and meaningful day of service, CMLC is inviting everyone to join us back at our office in Hendersonville to celebrate our hard work and enjoy some refreshments and good conversation!

Make a Difference Day at Rhododendron Lake Park:

Rhododendron Lake Nature Park is a long term project for the town of Laurel Park, and the project is currently underway. Once completed, this area will be a community area. This project will restore native habitat through non-native invasive species removal. This work will be outdoors and will involve standing and bending for long periods of time and using hand tools such as loppers, hand-saws, pruners, and hatchets. There may also be some herbicide usage for chemical control of non-native invasive plants.

Make a Difference Day at Flat Rock Park: The Park at Flat Rock is a new community park located pretty close to the CMLC office! The park was once a golf course and has been reclaimed for public use. Currently, it offers a 1.5 mile loop trail, but there are plans for future trails and community spaces, including an interpretation center, open fields for recreational space, and observation decks through both bog and wetland ecosystems. For this project, we will be pulling, cutting and treating non-native invasive plants and overgrown vegetation surrounding native plantings. Work will be outdoors and is moderately strenuous, involving long periods of standing, bending, and using hand tools. Some volunteers may also be using power tools such as a string trimmer.

Make a Difference Day at Super-Sod Conservation Easement:

No more volunteer space left--The spots are all full for Super-Sod! Our volunteers are awesome! The Super-Sod property is a 335 acre property with a 3 miles buffer easement along the French Broad River managed by CMLC. This project will involve planting milkweed and other pollinator plants on the CMLC easement. Work on this project will be outdoors and will involve long periods of standing, bending, and planting. Be prepared to get dirty and maybe a little wet during the planting process! 

For more information or to sign-up, contact Ericka, the Volunteer and Community Engagement Associate at or go to our VolunteerSpot page below!


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Downtown Hendersonville's Bearfootin' Public Art Walk has helped raise funding for Historic Dowtown Hendersonville and a variety of local non-profits since 2003. Twenty Bears are sponsored and decorated to reflect the theme or cause they represent to the community. After spending months in downtown Hendersonville, the Bears will be auctioned off with proceeds going to local non-profits. The Bears offer a window into the variety of good work being done by non-profits and community organizations in Henderson County. 

CMLC's Boulderbear is located in front of the Historic Courthouse. Boulderbear was created by the talented Susan Olivari and is sponsored by Hendograph Media, Chef Michael's Catering, and YouGetWeGive. The auction takes place on the steps of the old courthouse in downtown Hendersonville on Saturday, October 24th with auction sign-in and live music starting at 2:30 and the auction starting at 4:30, so set the date on your calendar! Can't be there? Online bidding and absentee bids will be accepted. Take a chance at winning Boulderbear and conserve the land you love at the same time!

Click here for more information about the Bearfootin' Public Art Walk and other Hendersonville Events.






Journey along the Appalachian Trail with CMLC on Wednesday, October 21st at the return of our Speaker Series. Local hiker, author, and CMLC Trails & Outreach Coordinator Peter Barr will present a slideshow movie featuring his AT thru-hike adventure. Peter hiked the 2,178-mile Appalachian Trail prior to joining CMLC's staff in 2010.  The event will be held at the Hendersonville County Public Library in the Kaplan Auditorium from 6:00 – 7:30 PM.

Peter Barr dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail since a family sightseeing trip to the Great Smoky Mountains at age 10. Ever since, he knew that he would return one day to that venerable path on a much longer journey--from Georgia to Maine. In 2010, Barr set out on an adventure to relocate from Charlotte to western NC and pursue a career protecting the landscape most dear to him--one that would ultimately bring him to CMLC. Prior to the move, he embarked on his dream of a 2,181 mile journey on the AT. Barr's hike included -100 miles of side-trips to peaks, waterfalls, views, and other points of interest. His movie slideshow of photos and video set to music features highlights from his 161 day adventure. Barr has hiked all 900 miles of trails in Great Smoky Mountains NP, reached the highest point in 40 US states and all 100 NC counties, and climbed the highest 200 peaks in the southern Appalachians. Barr is also the coordinator for the NC chapter of FFLA which seeks to preserve and restore historic WNC fire towers. His thru-hike raised funds to restore the Shuckstack fire tower on the AT.

The event is free and open to the public. The movie features photo slides and some video set to music that chronicles Peter's journey starting in Georgia and ending in Maine. The film runs 60 minutes and will be preceeded by a short talk and followed by discussion and questions.

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For questions, contact CMLC Community Outreach Associate Corinne Fretwell at or call at (828) 697-5777 ext. 211

CMLC conserves land and water resources to benefit the quality of life of residents and visitors in Henderson, Transylvania, and surrounding counties. Since 1994, the land trust has protected more than 28,000 acres of natural lands in our mountains.

Join CMLC for a beautiful hike at Stone Mountain in Dupont State Recreational Forest on Saturday, October 17th

Participants will hike the Rocky Ridge Trail, a 2.4 mile in-and-out trail with pinnacle views overlooking the park. The hike is strenuous with an elevation gain of 660ft. We will be stopping at the top for a short picnic lunch and opportunity to take photos, so we encourage you to bring along a snack and your camera. 

The peak of Stone Mountain is the highest point in Dupont State Recreational Forest, standing at 3,620ft. The pinnacle is composed of mostly exposed granite slabs and hikers enjoy a wide view overlooking the park, making a great spot for a picnic. Bringing a small lunch or snack is highly encouraged. The beginning of the hike is fairly level until about a mile in when the terrain is much steeper. The last 1/4 mile of the hike is an upward climb to the open peak. 

Participants are required to be in reasonable physical condition and capable of completing a three mile hike over uneven, forested terrain. Hikers should wear sturdy walking shoes (no flip-flops), bring several layers of clothing in preparation for changing warm and cold temperatures, pack plenty of water as well as a snack/lunch to eat at the scenic overview. We will be taking time to eat and enjoy the view before hiking back. Hikers who attend are required to participate in the entire duration of the hike.

Space is limited on our hikes, so please reserve your spot today by using CMLC's Online Hike Sign-Up Form. Hike meeting locations, times, and additional details will be sent through email upon confirmation of your spot on the hike. This hike can accommodate 30 hikers and is open to the public. Reservations for a spot on this hike will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis using:

CMLC's Online Hike Sign-Up Form

For questions, contact CMLC Community Outreach Associate Corinne Fretwell at

CMLC conserves land and water resources to benefit the quality of life of residents and visitors in Henderson, Transylvania, and surrounding counties. Since 1994, the land trust has protected more than 27,000 acres of natural lands in our mountains.


Thank You All for a Beautiful, Fun, and Successful 15th Annual Conservation Celebration!

Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy donors, members, volunteers, and staff gathered together this past Saturday, September 19th to celebrate CMLC's conservation successes at Grand Highlands' Bearwallow Mountain Lodge in Hendersonville. The event included a live and silent auction of more than 80 donated gifts ranging from handcrafted wooden bowls to a complete kayak package. The night also included a raffle drawing for a trip of the winner's choice! We are thankful for such a magnificent sunny day to get together. Participants had the option to join a pre-celebration hike around Grand Highlands, returning to enjoy hors d'oeuvres and refreshments and to peruse the silent auction items. The festivities continued with an outdoor live aution, a delicious catered dinner, and local live music. Families, friends, and pets enjoyed a beautiful sunset from Bearwallow Mountain.

Since 1994, Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy has conserved more than 28,000 acres of land--made possible by our incredibly dedicated donors, members, and volunteers. It is only with this community that CMLC is able to protect and steward land and water resources vital to our natural heritage and quality of life, conserving this beautiful land for generations to come.

Click here to view pictures from the above Conservation Celebration Online Web Album


Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy permanently protects farmland, forests, and other natural resources through fee simple acquisitions, conservation easements, and other measures.  Our organization has several conservation properties that are intersected by some of Duke Energy’s Foothills Project study corridors—properties that would be severely negatively impacted by the construction and maintenance of transmission lines across them. The State of North Carolina has invested significant public dollars in these conservation properties through the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF), which provided grants to cover transaction costs associated with closing conservation easements and to help our organization carry out perpetual stewardship of these properties. In addition, the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources has certified an income tax credit for each of the potentially impacted easement donors. As a land trust, CMLC is obligated to defend the conservation values protected by our conservation easements and we will avail ourselves of any legal remedies available to us.

Furthermore, CMLC has several conservation projects in progress, as well as knowledge of other important natural resources, that are intersected by various segments of the study corridors. As a conservation organization that works throughout the study corridor region, CMLC is concerned about adverse impacts to significant natural resources that are likely to result from the construction and maintenance of the transmission lines on any of the study corridors. 

We have met with our local Duke representatives, in person, to discuss our conservation projects and other important natural resources that may be impacted by the proposed transmission lines and to share our geographic data with their personnel.  

Click here to read CMLC’s full comments to submitted to Duke during its public comment period.

Join CMLC and the Children and Family Resource Center for Butterfly Bash in the Ironwood Arboretum behind CMLC on Tuesday, July 28th from 10 to 11:30am. This event is organized and planned by Megan Edwards, CMLC's Youth Leadership Intern for her end-of-term project. Thanks, Megan! 


The themed event will be for elementary-age children or younger and their parents, but of course, everyone is welcome! Activities during the event will include crafts, games, and lots of hands-on learning. For the grand finale, CMLC will release 2 Monarch Butterflies that have been raised in the office from eggs! 


For questions, email Megan Edwards or call the office at 828-697-5777 ext. 212.


For the past two years, Ann and Wayne B’Rells have directed a portion of the required minimum distribution from their IRAs to CMLC.  This tax-free transfer lowered their taxes because it excluded the contribution from their adjusted gross income.

IRA owners have been permitted to make tax-free transfers from their IRAs to charity since 2006, though Congress usually approves the provision one year at a time. That will most likely be the same for this year. 

Another very simple option is to name CMLC as a beneficiary of your IRA upon your death.  If you are charitably inclined, your IRA assets are the best possible assets to use to further the mission of your favorite non-profit organization.  Making CMLC a beneficiary of a portion or all of your IRA will create a charitable deduction for your estate and may save estate taxes.

Why not plan ahead to make the transfer?  Or consider making CMLC a post-mortem beneficiary of your IRA.  Contact your IRA administrator and provide them with our tax identification number (56-6449365) and address (847 Case St., Hendersonville, NC 28792).

ACT NOW to SAVE taxes and SAVE land.  Join the B’Rells and others who love the beauty and heritage of our region and wish to make its preservation a part of their estate planning and charitable giving.

“The natural landscape, mountain views, wildlife habitats, clean water and outdoor recreation are things we value greatly.  We are happy to support an organization that is working hard to preserve the things we love and need. We save on taxes and CMLC saves more land. That’s a win-win. ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Wayne and Ann B’Rells

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